The Olivet Police Department is located at 117 S. Main St. in the back part of City Hall, and is where officers can be reached when not on the road. 

The department consists of three sworn officers including the Chief of Police. Each sworn officer is MCOLES (Michigan Coalition On Law Enforcement Standards) certified as required by the State of Michigan, and they attend classroom and field training throughout each year to maintain their certification. In addition to the certified officers, the Olivet Police Department has started a Reserve Division, and currently has one active Reserve Officer on the force.
We're Here to Serve
Often times citizens will advise an officer of an issue, after the fact, then say that they didn't think it was an emergency and they didn't want to bother the police. Though the thought is appreciated, our job is to Protect and Serve, and the best way to do that is to respond when an incident or situation is occurring. So if it's not an immediate threat to life or property, we encourage you to call one of the Non-Emergency numbers, and report the situation or incident. You can remain anonymous.
Numbers to call (Click here for a printable version to post by the phone.):

Olivet PD Office (Non-Emerg.) 9AM to 5PM, M-F: 269 749-9961

  • Copies of incident/accident reports
  • City parking violation issues
  • PBT's
  • Other general issues / complaints not requiring immediate police response

Eaton County Dispatch (Non-Emergency) after 5PM and on weekends: 517 543-3512, Option 2
Unfortunately the police can't be everywhere at once, and for this reason we humbly request assistance from the public.

Any and all information is welcome, and will be kept confidential. The information you provide may help in an on-going investigation, and lead to the arrest of a suspect. If we were not previously aware of criminal or illegal activity, the information you provide may lead to preventive action by law enforcement.

Please click the link below, and fill-out the form completely. You will not be contacted unless you give us permission to do so. 
T.I.P.S. (Taking Information for Public Safety)
THANK YOU for your integrity and concern for your fellow citizens.
We Provide PBT's
Our officers are usually on patrol, and may be tied-up on a call so call ahead or give yourself enough time to go to another PBT site.
Cost:$5.00 per visit - Must have exact amount.
Required:Must have picture I.D.
Tenants and Landlords: A Practical Guide (You will be taken to the Michigan Legal-Aid website.)
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City of Olivet, 117 S. Main St., Olivet, MI 49076 P.O. Box 367(269) 749-9961

Eaton County, Michigan
The police department would like to remind everyone that the 2am to 6am parking restriction is effective 365 days a year. Any and all vehicles found parked on a city street between those hours will be ticketed for a parking violation.
The downtown construction is moving right along, but there is still obviously work to be done. The police department is asking that the citizens, and all passing through and/or visiting Olivet adhere to the traffic laws and use extra caution when operating on city roadways.

"Road Closed to Thru Traffic" (What that means.)-
This means that the road(s) on the other side of the sign is closed, and motorists need to follow the detour signs and directions to get around the construction zone.

"Service Road" (During construction.)-
There is a temporary access road that runs behind the businesses in downtown Olivet, and is to be used ONLY for access to local business and residencies beyond the road closed signs. 

Please remember during construction-
The Olivet Public Schools will be in session on September 2nd, which means heavier traffic between approximately 7am to 9am, and 2pm to 4pm. We ask that parents and other motorists help accommodate the buses as they transport our children to and from school.
OPD News
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As most of the citizens of Olivet are aware, the Olivet Police Department has acquired a military HMMWV, and we would like for the Olivet community to know our plans for the vehicle, and why we feel it's important. 

The vehicle, first of all, was acquired through a program known as the 1033 program, designed to transfer Department of Defense excess equipment to law enforcement agencies across the United States. We are one of more than 8,000 agencies participating in this program, and like those 8,000 agencies we have our reasons for participating. 

OPD's Humvee will be used for community service/emergency response purposes, and was obtained with the harsh Michigan winters in mind. Our hope is that we maintain the ability to respond to those who rely on us, during extreme snow and other winter conditions, should our patrol vehicles be rendered ineffective. 

Additionally, though hurricanes and earth quakes are not a likely threat to Olivet, a lack of preparedness for disaster is a threat, and more than likely to cause loss of both life and property if ignored. 

We are currently working on outfitting the Humvee to service the community, which will include lighting, and other equipment necessary for communication and emergency response. We will display the vehicle once it is officially in-service, and we hope the community will approve and welcome the ability of this new piece of equipment.