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Olivet City Hall, 117 S. Main St., Olivet, MI 49076 P.O. Box 367(269) 749-4961
Welcome to the City of Olivet website. If you're not familiar with the City of Olivet, it's located in the southwest part of Michigan, and consumes a one-square mile of land in Eaton County. Though a one-square mile of land is not big by any stretch of the imagination, the quality of life mixed with the beauty of the Michigan Great Outdoors makes it seem a whole lot bigger. 
If you walk down the tree lined streets of Olivet, you'll see the pride the residents take in their homes, while at the same time feeling the comfort of the Small Town Atmosphere. 
Another great aspect of Olivet is the educational experience from K through 12. Children living in the Olivet school district or attending Olivet Public Schools through 'School of Choice', start out at Fern Persons Elementary where they are taught and nurtured by dedicated teachers. By the third grade they are literate, respectful young Eagles, and are prepared for math and other subjects that can be challenging as they progress through their scholastic career.  
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Olivet's K-12 education is no doubt among the best, but that's not the only educational advantage available to the youth. Olivet is also home to Olivet College, which means graduating Eagles have the opportunity to attend a four year university without leaving home.
One of the parks in Olivet is by far the most fun, and is hands-down the most special. 

Formally known as Independence Park, Trenton Shrontz Memorial Park is the fruit of community sweat and tears, and named after a local young man who passed unexpectedly. 
Though Olivet does have a lot to offer in terms of comfortable living, there are some things that are limited. Luckily for our residents, Olivet is located near several large cities with plenty of employment opportunity, entertainment, and other amenities you would expect from big city life; so they actually get the best of both worlds. The best part is these cities are only a short drive away. Visit the city links below to find out more information.
In addition to Trenton Shrontz Memorial Park there's a public baseball field, basketball courts, and a pool and outside tennis courts that Olivet College has opened up for public use.
Trenton Shrontz will never be forgotten by this community, thanks to the Shrontz family's generous donation; as well as other donations from local businesses and individuals. 
In addition to the monetary donations given, the Shrontz family along with the community chipped in, and helped build this visual memory.
In addition to the city links, the State of Michigan website is provided below, and offers a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics; including links to other Michigan towns, employment, and entertainment.
Olivet is located off I-69 approximately 30 minutes south of Lansing. Just take Exit 48 and turn east on Butterfield Hwy, and in just over a mile you'll run right into us. See ya when you get here.
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                  As most already know, construction has started in the downtown area of Olivet, and as one can imagine it will take some time to complete the project.                     The City asks for patients on the part of the citizens, visitors, and businesses during this time as some inconvenience is unavoidable. Though that may 
                  be true, the city would like people to know that every effort is being made to make those inconveniences as minimal as possible, and will be   
                  periodically updating the city website regarding any changes effecting travel and other activities around the city. Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE (8/26/2014): Quality Excavators are working to complete the entire section from the North Street Bridge to East Street. This will include the watermain, storm drains & catch basins, sidewalk, curb and gutter. The final layer of blacktop will  be completed when the entire project is ready to wrap up. This will allow easier access from North Main Street to East Street. This phase should be completed within the next three to four weeks. 

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 6th: At approximately 10:50a.m., the Olivet College football team will be leaving the Congressional Church on College Street, and marching down to Cutler Stadium for their game against Wilimington OH. If you think you will be driving in Olivet around that time, please plan on using extra precaution while driving on or crossing Main St. The Comets will be utilizing the entire south bound lane during their march, which will take approximately 10 minutes.

The Olivet Police Department will be leading them to the stadium, and plan to do this for other home games. If you would like to show your support and cheer them on, feel free to stand on the sidewalk or grassy area near the intersection of Main and Butterfield, and make sure you do it Loud and Proud.

Other dates for the football team's march from the Congressional Church: September 13th (10:50am), October 11th (11:50am), October 25th (10:50am), November 8th (10:50am), and November 15th (10:50am). 

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 7th: At approximately 1:00 p.m. Olivet College will be conducting a test of their Carillon Emergency Alert System.